Period 4
Anita Munn - Animal Behaviour (horses)
Kristin Palmer - Narcolepsy (symptom - Cataplexy)
Lyndsay Hallett - Conjoined Twins
Kaite Munn - diet supplements
Josh Evans - Food Additives
Molly Donovan - Muscular Dystrophy
Michelle Jamieson - Dwarfism
Lukas Estey - Evolution of Marine Biology for Deep Sea Species
Shane Medicraft - Herbal Remedies
Aleisha Albright - Hemophilia
Jeremy Dutcher - Perfect Pitch
Jill Woods - Chemical Imbalances in the Brain
Jordan Priest - Drugs effects on the Brain
Mitch Keenan - Cloning
Dow York - Cancer of the Brain Stem
David McNeil - Deviation of dog species in breeds
Michelle Jamieson - Dwarfism
Molly Donovan - Muscular Dystrophy
Kaite Munn - Diet Pills
Josh Evans - Food Additives
Grant Dorcas - Tornadoes
Therese Kwaw - Vision
Mitch Cormier - HGH
Melissa Woodworth - Breast Cancer
Derek Mitchell - Flesh Eating Disease
Tye Burke - Mesothelomia
Kate Dawson - Diabetes
Scott Agnew - Global Warming

Period 5
Karlie Murdock - Immune System
Kayla McCoy - Cleft Lip
Jennifer Knox - Endometriosis
Kayla Palmer - Skin Sensitivities
Michael Stubbs - Animal Behaviour
Matthew Mallet - Marine Biology
Brent Walsh - Immunology
Kristin MacFarlane - Lung Cancer
Megan Brown - Premordial Dwarfism
Cailin Banks - Mastitis in Cows
Danica Wood - Vesicoureteral Reflux
Emily Holloway - Down Syndrome
Lucas McGarvie - Impact of Video Games on the Brain
Nicole Morin - Chromosomes
Brandon Meehan - Physical Geography
Nicole Wentzell - Food Allergies
Bruce Scott - Effects of Non-Supplementation
Scott McIsaac - Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Respiration
Katie MacDonald - Radiation Therapy
Bradley Burrell - Artificial Intelligence
Harry Seeley - Biochemistry of Creatine
Sara Miles - Energy Drinks
Eric Lepack - Effects of HGH
Colin Thomas - Arm injuries in Baseball Players (ie. tetinitus)
James Queale - Hemophilia
Erika Russell - Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Alison Smith - Horse Anatomy
Braden Riley - Laser Eye Surgery
Heidi Yousseff - Cystic Fibrosis