It's Science Time!

Steve Spangler shows some fun Sciencey type things on Ellen

Mrs. Holyoke-Walsh mentioned that Steve Spangler would be a good person to look up in reference to discrepant events etc. My favourite was the super-cooled superconductor on the magnetized loop. Check it out!

Since we played some Jenga today at Science East: Kevin Hart and Ellen Play Jenga

*I endorse the game of Jenga, just not Ellen's statement about seeing Kevin hart's movie because "he's having sex in it"* Either way Jenga!

Sport Science: Derrick Rose
A perfect combination of sport and science: "Sport Science"

Some classic sports photos with a twist of science?
1) Micheal Jordan the greatest basketball player of all time

2) Pete Rose in all his glory

3) Mohammad Ali with his usual tomfoolery

Sport Science: Andrew Wiggins
Another ESPN Sport Science Video.
This one is about Anrew Wiggins, Canadian kid, #1 overall draft pick this year to the NBA. Some interesting stats and calculations here:

5 Crazy Science Stunts
Some neat Science that isn't exactly for the classroom, but pretty cool.

I did originally name this page blowing stuff with science, so this video fits alright.

Tasty Discrepant Event?
From "CityUCohortG"

Live Science
A very cool website about many science topics. Like as much science as a mad scientist could dream up.

Probably the Coolest Water Trick
A pretty wild video, I'm not sure if I can believe it. People in the comments seem to think it's possible though.

Or maybe these ones are?
All the water tricks you need to teach school on land to the fish in the sea.