Science Teaching Resource Bank
University of New Brunswick
ED 5511
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Many effective teachers have a class page/wiki where information can be found (ie. Homework postings, calendar of events, powerpoints and presentations, etc.) In addition, these pages can also be a great information sharing tool. Each of you will be expected to join our class wiki and keep it maintained and updated throughout the term. For this assignment, you must have a minimum of 10 links on your page. Cite your work where applicable. Feel free to use I envision this to be one of the most helpful teaching tools that you take away from the course, and you will most likely find some information, sites, videos, links, etc. that may help in your future teaching career.
-You can see a sample of how this assignment could also be applicable in a science class by going to my Leo Hayes Wiki. (click on Biology 111 and click on Student wiki’s)


20 marks - Creativity/Layout/Design/Spelling & Grammar

50 marks - videos/links including citations and descriptions (so what is your post about, what course/subject/grade is it intended for, and how do you feel it could be used in a class, etc.)

30 marks - Discussions & Contributions to personal space and class members spaces (including at least one sharing session with class)
-This mark out of 100 will be converted to 10% of your overall grade in the course.
*This will be assessed throughout the term