Deidre's Super Fun Science Page

This site has some great experiments and online activities for health science for any grade level.

This video looks at a little girl who was diagnosed with Rasmussen's Syndrome, she was selected for a very innovative procedure, that removed HALF of her brain. This little girl is amazing and so is the human body. The remaining half of her brain has had enough plasticity to allow her to relearn all of the things she had lost as well as keep up in school and with friends.

This video explains what occurs to allow us to have reflexes.

This is the greatest site for finding interesting science based articles, it covers a lot of useful articles for in classroom teaching, as well as many that are just plane interesting. I personally love the health and medicine section.


This is a great interactive activity that looks at the outcomes of genetic mutation.

Here are a great series of ted talks. "7 ted talks to make you love science" even though most of us do already.
Ted talks are great because more often than not the speakers are extremely enthusiastic and passionate about what they are talking about.

This is a great link for beginning a waves unit in physics. It allows you to see waves on a string and change some variables.
This would be great for students who struggle with visualization.

This site has so many links for potential activities for science teachers.

This is a game called build a body. I think it would be a great introductory activity for a unit on digestion. Or an introduction to anatomy class <3 wiki.jpg