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Discrepant Event:Want to learn how to make your own Instant Sorbet?
Who Knew Making Sorbet Was Scientific?

This is Thermochemistry! And could easily tie into a Grade 12 Chemistry class. Endothermic and Exothermic reactions are the cause of this Sorbet formation! By using salt, ice, and water, heat can transfer from the system in order to freeze the substance quickly and create a delicious snack!Ingreds_1.jpg


Other Easy Hands On Activities!

What Is Blood Made Of?
This is a great activity for kids to really get their hands messy! Label different materials to represent particles in the blood!
Make It Rain!
Simple house hold items can allow students to see the Water Cycle happen right before their eyes!
How to SEE Your Own DNA!
Thats Right! You can SEE your own DNA right in front of you! Watch this video to really WOW Your students with this trick!

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